What is United Way?

United Way is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) agency that brings people together to help our community reach its full potential. We partner with local nonprofits, businesses, government departments, and social service agencies to address our community’s most pressing needs.

Our mission is to mobilize resources to improve the lives of people in our communities. We are igniting a social movement by empowering people to unite and solve complex problems that affect us all.

What does United Way do?

We serve all the communities in Aroostook County. The money we raise stays here, serving over 20 agencies and programs to provide a better quality of life for people experiencing challenges and hardships. No other organization has the scope and expertise to unite and mobilize hundreds of human service agencies, businesses, government agencies, volunteers, and foundations around a common vision for the common good.

Who runs the United Way of Aroostook?

United Way of Aroostook is run by volunteers. The United Way of Aroostook Board of Directors includes volunteers from all parts of the community who govern the organization. The Board establishes policy and sets the strategic direction that United Way staff implement and follow.

Why should I give?

United Way supports local people. When you donate to United Way, you provide local folks with access to basic essentials, health care, education, and financial stability. Each of the agencies that receive our funding is thoroughly evaluated on a consistent reporting schedule to ensure they are delivering on their promises.  Your gift is also tax-deductible; keep a copy of your pay stub or check as proof of your donation.

Why should I give to United Way instead of contributing directly to an agency?

Charitable giving is a personal and voluntary decision, and the United Way of Aroostook encourages you to do what is most comfortable for you. A gift to United Way of Aroostook is an investment that benefits the entire community, not just one program, issue, or population. Contributing through United Way guarantees agencies have funds they can rely on all year rather than depending on sporadic contributions.

How do we know where to focus in the community?

The United Way of Aroostook continually works with our community partners, volunteers, donors, agencies, and other stakeholders to determine the most pressing needs in Aroostook County. This allows us to make measurable changes in the community by putting our funding, volunteer time, and other resources toward causes where they will have the greatest impact. As we positively impact the identified issues, and as the needs of the community change, so will our focus. 

How can I donate?

United Way makes it easy for you to donate through payroll deduction, one time or monthly donations through credit card, or electronic bank transfer (ACH). 

You can also donate online here.

How can I volunteer?

Your time, energy, and expertise is always needed by a local agency. The United Way of Aroostook has multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year. You can contact the Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Clark, at lisa@unitedwayaroostook.org or 207-764-5197, for more information

Are contributions to United Way tax-deductible?

Yes! Just keep a copy of your pledge form or thank you letter for your records. If you happen to lose your copy, just call the United Way office here, 207-764-5197, and we can provide you with appropriate documentation.

Who decides where my money goes?

People like you, right here in Aroostook County! Experienced community volunteers, experts, and agency representatives work together to identify community needs, reduce duplication of services, and close gaps in services.  Results of agency assessments are used to determine the dollars each program receives.  

How can I be sure my contribution is well managed and well spent?

You can be assured that your gift to United Way of Aroostook goes directly to programs and agencies that help people most in need. Our partner agencies go through a rigorous vetting process. Knowledgeable, well-trained volunteers and experts from across The County screen and select the programs funded by your United Way contribution. The recommendations for funding are then reviewed and approved by our volunteer board of directors. Each quarter, funded agencies must submit program reports and quarterly financials to be held accountable for the money they are receiving.

If someone cannot afford to give much, will a small donation do any good?

Every gift gives hope and improves lives. Even a modest gift per pay period can help provide solutions to the most pressing health and human service needs in our community. It is not the size of one gift-it is all of us giving together that makes United Way a unique and powerful concept. Every donation matters!

What is United Way of Aroostook’s overhead rate?

We work hard to keep our overhead as low as possible. Our overhead rate is 12% which is well below industry standards.  

Will my money go outside of Aroostook County?

Only money designated by a donor Aroostook County goes outside of the County.  

Does United Way of Aroostook only help people in central Aroostook?

United Way of Aroostook ensures that the entire county has the opportunity to participate in the United Way of Aroostook and fundraising and service areas include the entire county.

Can my gift be designated to any 501(c)(3)?

The United Way of Aroostook is willing to fund any program run by a 501(c)(3) in Maine that is a human service and meets our funding criteria and guidelines. Learn more about our funding process and criteria.