Campaign Central

What is a campaign?

It is the chance for individuals, families, organizations, and companies to give back to the community through a short-term fundraising effort.

During campaign season, United Way staff and volunteers work to raise money for the year. The majority of the monies raised comes from “workplace or employee campaigns.” This is the opportunity for United Way to go into places of business – big and small, for-profit and non-profit, and all different sectors – and invite employees to give back to Aroostook County through a campaign. Workplace campaigns foster a sense of connectivity to their place of business and ultimately to other members of Aroostook County through the programs United Way supports.

The organization is unique in that we currently collaborate with multiple partner agencies to effect positive changes in Aroostook County as efficiently as possible through programs in health, education, and self-sufficiency. Workplace campaigns allow United Way to share this work and new initiatives with employees.

Contact Sarah Duncan at 207-764-5197 or for more information on how to start a workplace campaign. Find all of your resources and campaign materials for your 2023 United Way Campaign by clicking one of the buttons below.