Start a Workplace Campaign

As an employee campaign coordinator, your commitment to the United Way campaign creates a lasting impact for a stronger Aroostook County. The campaign toolkit is your toolkit for running an easy and successful campaign, especially if you are running your campaign virtually. Start your journey with the virtual toolkit and tools to prepare for launch and then check out our campaign materials for more!

Thank you for running your organization’s workplace campaign.  We are grateful to have you!

Virtual Toolkit

Why run a United Way Campaign?

Our community needs you. Aroostook County stands on the shoulders of small and medium-sized businesses.  For every one major local organization, there are hundreds of businesses, like yours, driving the economic engine of our area.

There are many business benefits to partnering with United Way, these benefits include;

  • Joining a network of small and medium-sized local businesses
  • Developing connections with like-minded community business leaders
  • Building trust and increased goodwill with your customers
  • Gaining tax benefits
  • Investing in our Community Impact Fund supports many local causes all at once
  • Improving employee morale and team-building by getting your employees involved in a common goal
  • Recruitment of employees that are attracted to companies with set philanthropic principles