United Way of Aroostook Funding Applications Available

Jon Gulliver, President of the United Way of Aroostook Board of Directors and Sarah Duncan, Executive Director, have announced the application for United Way of Aroostook funding for 2022-2023 is now available.

                Non-profit health and human service organizations serving Aroostook County citizens may apply to United Way of Aroostook for funds which were raised during the annual fundraising campaign.  Each year the United Way of Aroostook continually works with their community partners, volunteers, donors, agencies, and other stakeholders to determine the most pressing needs in Aroostook County.  This allows them to make measurable changes in the community by putting their funding, volunteer time, and other resources toward causes where they will have the greatest impact.  As they positively impact the identified issues, and as the needs of the community change, so does their focus.  This year the organization has identified needs that it hopes to address around education, financial stability and the health of community members and is looking to support new organizations.  If your organization is a non-profit and wishes to make a sustainable impact, please consider applying for funding. 

                The Community Impact Investment Applications and other information about the application are available online at www.unitedwayaroostook.org or by calling the United Way of Aroostook at 764-5197.  The deadline for submitting completed Applications is Friday, March 18th, 2022, at 3pm.

                Related to the funding process, United Way of Aroostook is looking for approximately 25 volunteers to serve on its Community Impact Task Force.  These volunteers will work as a team to review and evaluate all applications received and determine how the funds will be distributed.  The task force will meet on April 14th to hear from applications and determine funding for the next year.  If you’d like more information or to serve on this important task force, please contact Sarah Duncan at sarah@unitedwayaroostook.org or call 764-5197.